Training / Teaching

My workshop is based on different techniques that I've been selecting during my own learning process, the techniques that helped me get a higher conscience of how MY body works. Later on, as a choreographer and teacher I could observe and apply this knowledge to another bodies, another personalities, another dancers/movers and non-dancers and learn even more about how DIFFERENT bodies work.

All this knowledge let me pick elements that I apply in different quantity and mesures depending on a group I work with: professionals, amateurs, actors, movers, children, teenagers, elder...

The workshop tipically contains:

the FIRST part which is based on a training, build from body weather, rythmics and a mix of techniques. This part is build of repetitive exercices that are ment to strengthen the body, work on independency of the different memebers (legs, arms, head, torse), on distribution of weight, on coordination.

the SECOND part usually contains exercices in couples or small groups and are ment to bring the elements we worked individually on before to the higher consciousness by working them with the other. This can help us to bring higher attention to those elements: by the touch, words, observation.

the THIRD and last part is based on the improvisation tasks, usually led in two groups (so that one can observe while the other do). The improvisation tasks raise from the work that has been done in two first parts of the workshop, so that the moving person could use or try out the knowledge, sensations, experience they had earlier in the class.