In Between is an installation, and a part of the project Biel.lana, conceived and realised during the residency Unidee 2011, Biella, Italy.

As a great part of the work developed during this residency was about empathy, that proposal is based completely on that concept.

The installation is supposed to procure a situation where the roles between the artist and the audience are switched, in order to create empathy, and again, bring closer different worlds and choices.

In Between is a 35m long corridor covered with heatsheets and lightened from inside with a lighting installation. What happens inside of the corridor becomes visible from the outside, thanks to a difference of light level. Now, the corridor is "shaped" by an intern installation of ropes. The person who passes through has to make choices about how to pass: if to bend, jump, go on four, left or right part of the corridor. In a certain way it forces the one who passes through to shape their movement, body to the space. By the difference of light outside and inside, the spectator from outsde sees then a body in a movement unsusual for them on a daily level. A kind of a dancing and passing through 35m long choreography, where anyone can be an interpreter as spectator.