The piece explores question of gender, stereotype, how do physical-mental image, perception and gaze work in different cultures and for different people. M’imageU is a result of a first phase of the research that we’ve done on the basis of physical research around the proprioception (complete internal perception of the own body), the physical and "cerebral"/ logical memory, and habits. 


On the conceptual level we wondered about the objectivity / subjectivity of the gaze, plurality of images we produce, give or believe to have. We reflected also on the relationship between the dancer and the audience – still related to the gaze though - the exchange of roles in the performance / event - who observes who, how to extend the experience of a spectator - from observing to use of his senses, proprioception, memory.


What mechanism to use in order to find yourself “at somebody’s else place?" How to find balance and subtleties between the impression, the external image and the internal perception? Two bodies on stage can easily produce the sensation of mirror, repetition, double. For the two approaches: gaze at yourself (image of) and gaze on the other we need just and at least two people.