/Choreography /Performance /Installation

Born in Warsaw, Poland

Choreographer, dancer, artist. She graduated from Institut del Teatre, choreography department in Barcelona, Spain in 2013. She has a music background (14 years of piano, Dalcroze Pedagogy and contemporary music composition), but works mainly in contemporary dance, improvisation, instant composition installation, around Europe, mainly Holland, Belgium, Spain and Poland. She took different master classes and workshops with: Tomas Hauert, David Zambrano, Julyen Hamilton, Katie Duck, Paz Rojo, Chrysa Parkinson and many others. She worked with Xavier le Roy, Pere Faura, Escena in curso, Stijn Celis, Michael Schumacher and many others as a dancer/performer, choreographer, assistant. Since 2008 she creates her own choreographies and installations as a freelancer or "artist in residence", pieces that where presented in different Festivals/Venues around Europe (Certamen Coreografico de Madrid, Antic Teatre, OutNow Festival Bremen, FRAC Biella, MANIFESTA Parallel Program Moscow...)


My work is based on a permanent construction and deconstruction of forms and aesthetics understood in a traditional way. Interested in the contrasts and dualities I fuse them looking for the fragility of an ugly beautifulness or a beautiful ugliness.

In a daily practice I use training that combines aerobics, coordination, rhythm and involves equally body and mind. As a base for the movement research I propose observation of one's own and else's body.

The improvisation is for me a tool and/or a goal to the creation.

I question phenomena related to a contemporary individual: lack of roots, temporariness, “fragmentation” and an aspiration to the synchronicity, surfeit of choice and its effects on the individual. I dedicate a part of my reflection and research to explore the empathy and ability to share. Performance-wise,  I’m especially interested in activating the spectator’s senses and encourage them to take conscious decisions about the level of participation in the creation and reception of the performance. 

For last 7 years, I’m seduced by the installation and (handi)craft. The process of construction and the time dedicated to it, finally, the material and its existence in the space interests me as a base or the booster for the composition.