Drone is a duet constructed on a base of two independent but paralel researches around the subject of “alien-to-owns body”. Both dancers work with movement tasks referring to the qualities unusual for them - their lacks - and they insist in sustaining them.

This idea in movement meets the concept of "drone" as a musical genre that emphasizes the use of sustained or repeted sound, notes or tone-clusters.

What emerges from this proposition is a landscape of repetition and contemplation where the perception of time expands gradually. The trajectories of two dancers don’t cross, nevertheless the gestures meet and the insistance in continuing the task gives a harmonic composition, full of small unissons. The minimalistic dance, repetition, dilating the time creates the frame for the spectator to observe, enter and discover the choreography himself.

Creation & Dance: Karolina Rychlik & Laila Tafur          Lights design: Victor Peralta             Music: Hans Laguna              Video: Angel Araújo          Photos: DanzaTAC 2015, Tacoronte, Tenerife

And the white version...